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What are the common tools for car repair?
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What are the common tools for car repair?

Auto repair tools include the following categories: 1. Electrical repair tools 2. Tire repair tools 3. Lubrication equipment and tools 4. Engine repair tools 5. Body interior repair tools 6. Chassis repair tools, etc.

Electrical maintenance tools are mainly for battery maintenance, including automotive test pencils, battery cables, battery chargers, battery rust clamps, etc.

Tire repair tools mainly include jacks, wind gun wrenches, wind gun sleeves, tire wrenches, tire pads, rubber cleaners, etc.

Lubricating tools include grease guns, grease guns, grease guns, oil cans, etc.

Engine repair tools include filter wrenches, belt wrenches, spark plug sleeves, timing tools, piston ring clamps, etc.

Body interior repair tools include sheet metal hammers, sheet metal lining irons, sheet metal repair tools and other sheet metal repair tools, panel removal tools, glass suction cups, glass seal strip tools, wooden handle scrapers, etc.

Chassis repair tools include repairing the top plate, sleeve set (with ratchet wrench, sleeve, screwdriver sleeve, inner hexagon, extension rod, etc.), bearing puller, puller, brake repair tool, etc.

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